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Soap Opera Names: The Young & the Restless

If you had a childhood similar to mine, you spent many hours watching Victor Newman’s face and the wild love triangles (or quadrilaterals even?). Your mother, grandmother and their friends would talk about the show like they were real people. “Can you believe Nick?” “What is Sharon doing?” “I don’t trust that Adam, I’ve never… Continue reading Soap Opera Names: The Young & the Restless

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Rabbit Baby Names for Boys

In honour of the Easter bunny, I decided to make a list of names that mean rabbit, relate to rabbits (ex. Jack for Jackalope) or names of famous bunnies (ex. Potter’s Peter rabbit). Ace Arledge Arlen Arley Basil Benjamin Benny Billy Bucky Bugs Buster Edward Georgie Greg Grey Frank Harden Harley Hartley Harvey Jack Leonardo… Continue reading Rabbit Baby Names for Boys

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Monet Inspired Baby Names for Girls

We are moving to a new apartment soon so my blog might be more quiet than usual for the next month. I love having the opportunity to decorate a new space. I have already decided on colour inspiration for the living and dining area. Claude Monet’s Water lilies series will be the inspiration for the… Continue reading Monet Inspired Baby Names for Girls


Disney Baby Names: Moana, Merida, Maleficent & more

We have started watching Disney movies again in our household. Besides the movies I grew up with, I have failed to keep up with the latest Disney movies. So, we have started watching more! Since our daughter was born, we have watched Moana, Frozen, Brave, Finding Dory (Freya’s favourite), and Maleficent. Here are baby names… Continue reading Disney Baby Names: Moana, Merida, Maleficent & more