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Fresh Picks for Spring 2017

I am sitting inside our toasty apartment while my daughter sleeps in her swing. The snow is hitting us hard today so we are skipping our daily walk. I can’t help but daydream of the rainy and cool spring weather that is hopefully just around the corner.

(This is my very first baby name post on my blog!)

With the spring comes the chirping birds, the dewy grass and the blossoming of flowers. Here are some fresh baby name picks for those waiting for the arrival of their spring babies, or for those (like me) dreaming of spring weather.


Primrose is a name that sounds as sweet as it looks. Shoutout to any Hunger Games fans, it is the name of Katniss Everdeen’s young sister. Primrose comes from the latin prima rosa, meaning “first rose”. A darling Primrose could go by the classic nickname Rose, or for a more modern and spunky feel, she could go by Prim. 


Vintage nicknames are in again (yay!) and Birdie is as quirky and cute as it gets. You may recall Don Draper calling his wife Betty by the nickname Birdie on the hit TV series “Mad Men”. Birdie is a playful spring name that would be a unique choice for your daughter. 


Sticking with the bird theme, the name Nesta comes to mind. Evocative of bird nests and springtime, Nesta is truly a rare bird. Nesta is actually a Welsh form of the name Agnes. If you happen to be a fan of Bob Marley, Nesta was his real name, making Nesta a fresh choice for either genders. 


Blossom might appear too “out there” as a choice for your daughter. However, with the popular new Netflix series Riverdale, Blossom might just be an up-and-coming name. Blossom is the last name of Cheryl Blossom, the typical highschool mean girl, and Jason Blossom, whose murder the main characters are working to solve. Blossom would make a great middle name choice if it feels too cutesy in the first name slot.


While likely too cutesy for a first name, this sweet floral moniker would be the perfect middle name for admirers of the flower that means “perfect love”. 


Japanese for the cherry blossom, Sakura is a lovely exotic spring name. Sakura is likely to sound familiar to any babywearing parents by way of Sakura Bloom, a company that sells ring slings. 


Is spring coming in as a lion or a lamb? With the name Leo being a popular choice for boys right now, will Lion follow suit? Lion is the title of a new movie about a five-year old Indian boy who gets lost on a train. Names like Wolf, Bear, and Fox have been cool choices for boys in 2016 and into this year, maybe Lion is not too far off.


A unisex bird name, Robin is a safe but still intriguing choice for a boy born in spring. Robin Hood is a classic namesake. Robin could also be a great way to honour the late Robin Williams for any fans of his movies, or even Christopher Robin of Winnie the Pooh. People often refer to the first sighting of a robin as a sign of spring. 


Sage is a fresh herbal name that is short and soft. Currently, this name is falling more to the side of the girls, but that should not hinder anyone from using this “wise” name. 


For fans of the Scandinavian Leif (pronounced LAYf) who live in English-speaking communities, Leaf may be a better choice. 


What do you think of these spring name choices? Let’s here yours! Comment below:

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