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Baby Name List: My Top 10 choices

When it comes to my favourite baby names, it is as if I am sitting on a see-saw, unable to choose to stay put with one name or another. My naming style changes like the Canadian weather. One week I am obsessing over simple, short and classic names, and another week I love dramatic, romantic or ancient gems.

Currently, I would describe my baby name style as homegrown, cozy nights spent near the fire, and curly heads bouncing their way to the chicken coop.

Looking at my list you will notice an abundance of Gaelic names. I am loving all things Irish and Scottish lately. I wanted to add Saoirse to this list, but man, what a name. I think it is pronounced SEER-sha, but Saoirse Ronan pronounces it SIR-sha. My partner cannot handle the sounds and says SHEER-sha (lol). So, alas, Saoirse did not make this list.

Let’s talk about my current favourites.


Laurel is a name I keep coming back to. A family member has the name Lauren, so I have always wanted to name a daughter after her. Laurel would be perfect. Laurel is a strong name, going back to the laurel wreaths awarded to victors of the Olympics in ancient Greece. Laurel also feels very earthy. I can picture a girl canning beside her mother in a small wooden cabin. Laurel also appeals to my partner’s love for comics, being the name of a few comic book characters.


Nessa is a nickname name that is so simple yet incredibly sweet. Nessa feels rural and foresty, yet delicate and uplifting. Nessa is truly a sweet spot name for me.


Maeve is an Irish name, anglicized from the Irish Meabh. The anglicized Maeve is well known in English-speaking countries, making this short Irish name easily accessible to those unfamiliar with Irish spelling and sounds. Maeve is incredibly sweet, and a great alternative to honour a relative named May.


Ingrid is a Norse name from the fertility god Ing. If you have read my About page, you will know that I have a daughter named Freya, a Norse mythology name as well. I am a super TV show nerd and when I heard there was a character named Freya on Witches of East End, I had to watch. It was a great show (too bad they cancelled it); but, Freya had a brainy sister named Ingrid. Watching this TV series made me dream of two sisters named Freya and Ingrid.


I always thought it was super nerdy to have siblings who have names beginning with the same letter, but how cute would Freya and Finola be as siblings! The -la ending is pretty trendy right now with names like Isla, Lila, and Mila on new babies. Finola, while definitely more quirky sounding, could fit in well with her trendy-named classmates.


I am Canadian, and the maple leaf is a true symbol of Canada. Jason Bateman named his daughter Maple Sylvie Bateman, bringing Maple more to the forefront as a name possibility. Pause. Let’s talk about Maple…Sylvie…Bateman. Did you say Maple Syrup Bacon? Sounds like a Canadian breakfast! While their choice of middle might not be the best idea with Maple as a first, I still think it is a sweet nature name.


This Shakespearean invention is hot in England right now. Imogen is quirky but still has that down-to-earth feel. I would love to meet a little Imogen.


Downton Abbey fans saw a Marigold, daughter to Edith Crawley. Marigold is a lovely floral name, but the nickname Goldie could be used as a name in its own right (think Goldie Hawn). My daughter has that gorgeous golden, sunny locks that makes me want to hold onto Goldie as a name for a possible sibling.


Rosa Parks! For every feminist out there who would love to name a daughter after a strong woman, Rosa, while an older name, feels modern again. A great alternative to fans of Rose, Rosalie, etc., Rosa could be a beautiful name for your daughter.


Orla is another quirky name that makes me think of living on the coast with a fisherman father and the rain pelting down on the roof in the afternoon.


James is the epitome of a classic boy’s name. While many parents now are not opting for any nicknames for their James, Jamie feels fresh again. If anyone has seen the TV series Outlander, Jamie is the name of the uber-attractive lead male (I highly recommend the show as well as the name).


Bram has been a favourite of mine for a very long time. It is simple, a nickname for Abraham, yet it has a natural quality to it. Bram feels almost ancient, like a boy living among pagans in the forest. Maybe it is the similarity to the Game of Thrones character, Bran, but I love this name!


Espen is a Scandinavian name meaning “god bear”. Sports fans may immediately think of ESPN, the sports network, but I think it is a strong and unique choice for a boy.


Bjorn! Ah! I love this name so much. He is a character on the hit TV series Vikings, playing the son of Ragnar. Bjorn means “bear”, which I love because nature names are some of my favourite names.


Yes, yes, this is the name of Kim Kardashian’s daughter (sigh), but it has long been on the side of the boys. Think Alfred North Whitehead (anyone?). North has a similar feel to Freya for me. It makes me think of snow blowing over fields and small cabins. A homey, cozy name.


Obviously after King Arthur. Has anyone watched the King Arthur movie with Clive Owen, also featuring Hugh Dancy, Keira Knightley, and Mads Mikkaelsen? It is great. The BBC series Merlin has been one of my favourite shows as well, featuring a handsome, blonde, jerk King Arthur. It is super lame but oh so special to my heart.


Another classic name, Henry just has that soft sound to it that most H-names have.


Roman feels romantic (I wonder why?) and dreamy. I feel like it would be best suited as a name for a dark handsome boy than a blondie like any of my future sons would likely be. Nevertheless, my inner ancient Roman nerd loves this name.


Probably my favourite celebrity baby name, Aleph was given to Natalie Portman’s son. The soft angelic sound and look of this name make me swoon.


To honour a William, Willem is fun but also cabiny. Willem could go by the nickname Will, like any William could. There is also the obvious connection to the famous actor Willem Dafoe.

I hope you enjoyed my current list of baby names! Please comment below:

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