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I vividly remember strolling along with my mother and my siblings to the grocery store. My favourite part? Grabbing the Archie comics from the magazine rack and flipping through them while my mother unloaded the cart. My siblings and I would plead our case to our mother, asking for an Archie comic. Most of the time she would say no (bummer) but when she said yes we would fight over who got to read it first in the car. So was I excited when Netflix released their new series, Riverdale? You bet.
Here are some of my favourite names from the series:
Archibald “Archie” Andrews
The pompous sound of Archibald gets toned down to the more friendly Archie. Archer is still a hot name for boys right now. Archie would be an obvious nickname for an Archer, but Archie could stand as a name in its own right.
Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper
I love Elizabeth for its many nickname possibilities. You can get Eliza, Betty, Betsy, Bets, Birdie, Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Bette, Lisbeth/Lizbeth, Elsie and probably more. I personally love the 50s sound of Betty and I think Betty could be on its own path to popularity, especially being a star character in Riverdale. Cooper is a popular surname name for boys right now. Maybe it could work for a girl too?
Veronica Lodge
Veronica, whose mother sometimes refers to her as Ronnie (not a fan), has a romantic name. I can’t help but think seductress when I hear Veronica. A more feminine nickname for Veronica could be Vera.
With the bearded mountain men trend in full swing, I can’t help but think Lodge would be a fresh boy’s name that fits into that same naming style (think short and wordy names like North, Fox, Wolf, Stone, Everest).
Hermione Lodge
I hope Hermione has shaken off her strong Harry Potter connection. Hermione is a gorgeous Greek name! She could go by: Miney, Nee, Mi, Mimi, even Io for the true ancient Greek-lovers (Io was turned into a cow by either Zeus or Hera, the stories vary).
Forsythe “Jughead” Jones
Okay, let’s talk Jughead. Jughead. Jughead. Yep, his name is Jughead. Actually, his real first name is Forsythe. How great is Forsythe!? It fits right in with the current Foster or Forrest/Forest. While I wouldn’t recommend Jughead as a name (or Jellybean, his sister), Forsythe would be a great modern choice. Jones could also work for a boy as well.
Polly Cooper
Has Polly finally been disconnected from the “Polly want a cracker” image? I hope so. I find myself loving the name Polly after watching the latest episodes of Riverdale. She could fit right in with the Mollys.
Penelope Blossom
I love Penelope. Penelope is another Greek name. She could go by Penny, even Nell. Penelope Blossom would be the cutest first name + middle name combination. While the character is anything but sweet so far, her name is oh-so-sweet.
Cheryl Blossom
While I am not a fan of Cheryl (the character and the name) maybe it could make a comeback. She could go by Sherry, the French Chèri, but better yet, Cherry. With fruit names like Clementine in the forefront, Cherry sounds cool again.
Kevin Keller
The openly gay character’s name in Riverdale, Kevin, feels very 90s. Keller, on the other hand, feels very modern. It has the popular -er ending that we see in boy names, that have also been crossing over to the girls’ side (think Harper, Spencer, Sawyer). With it’s closeness to the unisex Kelly, Keller could work for either genders.
Moose Mason
A super butch name, yet his character’s sexuality remains mysterious after a fling with Keller. Moose is an animal name along the same trend of Fox, Wolf, and Bear. Mason, a Kardashian pick, has been near the top of the popularity charts for a few years now.
The big question: What is Polly going to name her baby?!?!

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