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The Best TV Superhero Names

Superhero TV series have been taking off recently. Today, I will talk about my favourite names on the following TV series: The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.

Let’s start with my personal favourite,

The Flash:

Barry Allen

Barry is a friendly name, and much more usable than the similar names Larry and Gary. Barry could go by the modern nickname, Bear. Barry Allen is a likeable character who has made me fall in love with this midcentury name. 

Francisco “Cisco” Ramon

Francisco, a long romantic boy’s name, gets a quirky fun nickname in Cisco, arguably the best character on the show. Cisco, while the name of a large IT company, is a more unexpected nickname for a Francisco, who would likely be called Frank or Frankie. 

Harrison Wells

Harrison is an up-and-coming name for boys. With the lovable nickname Harry, what’s not to like?

Wallace “Wally” West

Wallace is right on trend with the current adoration of vintage names. Wallace sounds gentle and sophisticated and the nickname Wally sounds soft and cuddly.

Iris West

Iris is a beautiful vintage floral name. Iris is gaining popularity which makes me oh-so happy. Iris is also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. 

Caitlin Snow

I find Caitlin dull, but Snow? Gorgeous. I think Snow makes the perfect middle name with its one-syllable, gentle word name.


Oliver Queen

Oliver is very popular right now, but who could resist this handsome vintage name? Whether he goes by Oliver or Ollie (or Arrow!), this name will surely never disappoint.

Slade Wilson

Slade is the ultimate bad-ass boy name with its slick one-syllable sound.

Laurel Lance

If you read my top 10 baby names post, you know that Laurel is at the top for me. It is a sweet down-to-earth nature name that has the trendy L-sounds. 

Felicity Smoak

A great namesake, Felicity’s character is one girls should look up to. Felicity sounds airy but if she wanted a more tomboy name, a Felicity could go by Flick. 

Thea Queen

Thea is becoming popular quickly. A lovely Greek name, Thea also has the rural country sound that makes me fall in love with it over and over again. 


Kara Danvers

Kara is a strong yet beautiful name that ages well. Kara was a valkyrie and swan maiden in Norse mythology, making Kara one kick-ass girl name. 

Cat Grant

No longer just a nickname for Catherine, Cat could work as a name on its own. 

Winslow “Winn” Schott, Jr. 

Winslow may sound too exaggerative for a modern boy, but the short and sweet Winn makes it more usable. 


What are your favourite names straight out of recent superhero TV series?


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