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10 Baby Names for the Minimalist

I have been thinking a lot about simplifying my family’s life lately. My daughter and I have been going outside for most of the day now that the Canadian winter appears to be at a close. We have hardly turned on our TV and I purposely won’t charge my phone so I can’t be on it all day. I really want to start decluttering and being more selective with Freya’s toys and our wardrobes, buying a few high quality, versatile items rather than too many things that lack quality and versatility. I think it is important to not care too much about material things and becoming a mother has really helped me come to that realization.

Minimalist baby names will be short, simple (not unique spellings or superfluous letters), AND be meaningful to the family. Here are some simple names that have great meanings:


Liv is a Scandinavian name meaning “life”. Liv Tyler is a famous bearer of the name. Liv is a lovely way to honour an Olivia in the family. Liv is a short and strong name with a very “lively” meaning, the minimalist can’t go wrong here.


Kay is a diminutive of Katherine which means “pure”. Kay makes a great alternative to the other Katherine nickname, Kate. With its modern feel and simple one-syllable, Kay would work well for the minimalist.


A virtue name that remains near the top of popularity charts, Grace has the simplicity and serene sound that would draw the minimalist toward the name.


Rose is the epitome of a classic name. Arguably the most romantic and beautiful flower, yet the name is not over-the-top frilly or lengthy. Rose has been one of the most popular middle name choices for a long time, but sounds fresh again as a first name.


Not the frilly Isabelle, or the lengthier Isabella, Isabel is the minimalist’s guide to the perfect multi-syllable name. This no nonsense spelling highlights the natural beauty of the name, which means “pledged to God”.


Will is from the anglicized name, William, from the German Wilhelm meaning “resolute protector”. This handsome, simple name should be on every minimalist’s name list.


Hal is a nickname for Harold, a Scandinavian name meaning “army ruler”. Hal feels like a cool dude wearing a leather jacket lounging outside a bar…or is that just me?!


John is an English name meaning “God is gracious”. Uber popular for so long, John (and Jonathan or Johnathan), still feels new. The simplicity of John would be attractive to the minimalist looking for a name for a son.


Simon is a Hebrew name meaning “listener”. Simon has a friendly feel to it and the simple sounds and spelling the minimalist would love.


This colour name may conjure up stormy weather and grim clouds, or, like me, you think of Earl Grey tea (yum!), but the name is very in trend right now. Gray/Grey is simple and sleek, a perfect choice for the minimalist.


What do you think of my choices? Which names do you consider “minimalist”?


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