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Baby Names from Children’s Books

In honour of Children’s Picture Book Day, I will share with you names from some of our favourite picture books. We are big readers in this family, so this post is exciting to write for me. I will not include any names from the stories of Beatrix Potter, as I have already created a list of names from her books.


Ada of Ada Twist, Scientist shows girls they can be and do anything, advocating for girls in science.


The Paper Bag Princess, Elizabeth is a strong girl who realizes Prince Ronald isn’t worthy of her.


Phoebe Gilman’s Jillian Jiggs is creative, playful and she is very messy! Her mother tries to get Jillian to clean her room in this rhymey book.


“In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines…”, the endearing Madeline is right on trend with today’s parents.


The name of the pig in Olivia, Olivia has been in a solid at, or near, the top of the charts position for some time now.


Rosie Revere, Engineer is another book by Andrea Beaty, to show girls they can be in these roles just as much as boys can be. Rosie is a delightful nickname name for Rose, or any of the other Rose names (Rosemary, Rosalie, Rosamund, Primrose, etc.).


There are countless books on the famous character of Milne’s creation. Winnie is a darling name, traditionally short for Winifred, it could also be used as a nickname for Winter, Elowen, or even Winslet.


Big Anthony from Strega Nona, was forced to eat all the pasta he made when he used magic (incorrectly). Anthony still feels very Italian, he could go by his full name, like Anthony Hopkins, or even Tony, like Iron Man.

Christopher Robin

Another Winnie the Pooh name, Christopher is a classic name. He could go by Chris or Kit (my favourite), or by his full name. Robin is a sweet nature name that works for either genders.


The lovable curious monkey bears this name in Curious George. 


The imaginative, adventurous Max from Where the Wild Things Are, is a strong name that is among the more popular names for boys. Jessica Simpson chose one of the longer forms, Maxwell, for her daughter.


Another name from The Paper Bag Princess, Ronald is a big jerk but his names evokes the comic Ronald Weasley of Harry Potter. 

What is your favourite picture book? Which names do you love from picture books? Comment below or on my Instagram account @mamaslistofnames.


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