The story of how I found my love for names began as most name-lovers stories began, with my nose stuck between pages of books. The names of characters in books always fascinated me as a child. I read about the protective brother named Prosper in The Thief Lord, the intellectual Hermione of Harry Potter, the tragic Ophelia of Hamlet, and the mighty Aragorn that filled the pages of Tolkien’s books.

While pregnant with my daughter, I began investigating names in detail. I compiled lists upon lists of names. My partner was not fond of any of the names I came up with. My lists grew and every week I would discuss the new names I found with him, in the hopes of finding THE name for our daughter. Eventually we found a name that we both loved–Freya. It honoured my Scandinavian ancestry. Freya sounded to me like wintry winds over the lake of my home town. My partner loved that Freya was the name of a Norse goddess. And while we had found the name for our daughter, the other names that adorned my lists still had a place in my heart. I have created this blog to talk about these names and other names I discover and re-discover. I would love to share with you my love of names and I hope you enjoy what you read.