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Names from the Family Tree

I love looking at our family trees. There are so many fascinating names that show our roots. This morning I gathered all the names I could find from our available family trees. From a quick scan, you will see I definitely have English, Italian, and Danish roots. There are also some Scottish and Irish names, German and French.… Continue reading Names from the Family Tree

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Baby Names from Children’s Books

In honour of Children’s Picture Book Day, I will share with you names from some of our favourite picture books. We are big readers in this family, so this post is exciting to write for me. I will not include any names from the stories of Beatrix Potter, as I have already created a list… Continue reading Baby Names from Children’s Books

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Beatrix Potter Baby Names

Beatrix Potter was the author of many sweet classic children’s books featuring iconic animal characters such as Peter Rabbit and Samuel Whiskers. Below is a list of names obtained from her stories: Alexander Anna Maria Barnabus Benjamin Betsy Bob Brock Cecily Diggory Fisher Jackson Jane Jemima Jenny Jeremy Johnny Josephine Lucie Margery McGregor Percy Peter… Continue reading Beatrix Potter Baby Names

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Vintage Baby Names: My Top 20 Picks

I have always had a fascination for the old. My mother always (and a psychic once) referred to me as an “old soul”.  I used to be down in an archive a few times a week while completing my undergraduate degree. I read countless old letters and I loved looking at the names of the… Continue reading Vintage Baby Names: My Top 20 Picks

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10 Baby Names for the Minimalist

I have been thinking a lot about simplifying my family’s life lately. My daughter and I have been going outside for most of the day now that the Canadian winter appears to be at a close. We have hardly turned on our TV and I purposely won’t charge my phone so I can’t be on… Continue reading 10 Baby Names for the Minimalist

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The Ultimate List of Bird Baby Names

Babies? They actually can hoot with the owls at night and soar with the eagles in the day. For all you mamas and papas out there fuelled by coffee trying to keep up with your little birdies, this one is for you! Below is a substantial list of bird names. Some of the names listed are not the… Continue reading The Ultimate List of Bird Baby Names